11 Top Trends in Basement Designs for 2019

Do you remember the dreary corner of the basement of your old house? You were sure that a ghost is watching you from the dark corner through the pile of junk, weren’t you?

Well, those days are over, not only for you but also for your children. The experts of basement renovation Thornhill are showing you ways to turn your basement into a game room, home theatre, and whatnot!  Follow the list of hottest trends and give your basement a facelift in 2019.

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Openness Is Still In

Keeping the walls at bay is an integral part of contemporary home designs. This concept can change the look of your basement while still maintaining the natural expansiveness of the space. For example, your game room, bar area, theatre room and the sitting area can all be open to each other, creating an illusion of oneness. If your basement is naturally small then this concept can reap the maximum benefit of the space. To convert the basement into your personal sanctuary that evokes envy of everybody, contact basement renovation Thornhill.

Make It an Extension of Your Home

As the basement is out of the eyes of general people, the homeowners used to get bold with the renovating ideas. However, the time is changing and the homeowners are considering the basement as an integral part of their home. As you step down from the main house, you will see that the decor of the basement is kept in parity with the decoration of the rest of the house. This designing idea makes it easier for the homeowners to use the basement area as the game room or an extra place for sleeping. Get in touch with basement renovation Thornhill to get the best plan about the renovation of the basement.

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Guest Suits

Creating a full guest suite is being considered as one of the hottest trends of 2019. These suites can provide comfort to every visiting member of family or friends. If you have a big basement you can build full suite which includes a kitchenette, multiple bedrooms, living room and a couple of bathrooms. The experts of basement renovation Thornhill can help you with the best design ideas so that your suite can give the comfort of a five-star hotel.

Gym and Spa

Why you should spend your precious money in the gym if you could have one in your basement?

This idea is attracting more and more homeowners to renovate their basements accordingly. You can also set up your personal spa on the side of the Gym.

basement renovation Thornhill .

Walkout Basement

This will blow your friends away. Generally, at least a wall of this type of basement is not submerged in the ground. However, you can change your fully submerged basement into a walkout basement with a little effort. You might need to seek permission from the local authority to do the work, but the end product will be amazing.

New designs for basement renovations have created a rave among the homeowners. People are finding new ways to make their basement special. There are a plethora of ideas. You just need to take help from the professionals such as basement renovation Thornhill, to make your dream come true.