Trendsetting bathroom tiles for your home in 2018

These days people are spending more and more on the renovation of the bathroom rather than building homes. But selecting the right tiles is a very difficult job when you are spoilt for choices with a variety of textures, shape, size, design and what not. Bathroom renovations Thornhill provide multiple benefits just more than aesthetically pleasing, like durability, low maintains required, and resistance to water. Manufacturers have seen an expansion in bathroom renovations, Thornhill province.  thornhill bathroom renovations

  1. Nude Neutrals are visually appealing

People don’t prefer shiny colors like red and blue anymore. Gray, cream, and beige are getting all the limelight. In case your bathroom is small in size, go for white, it also increases the brightness. Bathroom renovations Thornhill are finding a new color, named Greige. These colors are perfect for relaxing.  Don’t go for completely white tiles that may give a lifeless look to your bathroom a layer of texture makes everything perfect.

  1. Intricate Graphic Patterns

These tiles are sure to capture your heart. They are found in soft hues or bold colors with intricate patterns. If you have kids at home they are pretty sure to love them. And not only bathroom they go with any room.

  1. Geometric Tiles

Manufacturers for bathroom renovations Thornhill are not just playing with colors.  They want to experiment with patterns. Recently hexagonal tiles have found their way back in the bathrooms. They are highly preferred as they create a unique view. They find a special appearance on shower floors. They also find a lot of use in spas and make stations. This is indeed a clever bathroom renovation in Thornhill.

  1. Matte Finishes Are Here to Stay

Gone are the day of glossy styles. The mattes are just classy as they are low maintenance  and they don’t reflect light. They don’t show signs of watermarks and just ideal for bathroom flooring. Matte stands for unspoken sophistication and gives out classy vibes.

  1. Textural Finishes or 3D tiles

These tiles are just a new innovation and in. The most innovative one is the raked tile that appears if someone has pulled a rake over them, creating a good feeling. The tiles are just an absolute piece of art, as elegance is not just for home, it is in the bathroom even. These tiles create new focal points in the bathroom and are aesthetically pleasing. bathroom renovations thornhill

  1. Glossy tiles 

These tiles are still in fashion for bathroom renovations Thornhill. They create a polished look. These glossy tiles are useful to reflect light when you have a small bathroom and create the illusion of space.

  1. Use of wooden planks 

The non-traditional wooden planks are making a new comeback in the market. Nontraditional sizes are getting popular. The most common ones are cherry and oak, but there are many varieties available that seem to be whitewashed or distressed. And this is not limited to bathroom renovations, but also finding its use in drawing rooms as they appear warm and welcoming. Bathroom renovations Thornhill is gaining popularity.

  1. Marble Flooring 

This is an age-old practice and stands for luxurious beauty. This is a natural rock and has an own unique coloring. For a long time, the marbles have found their associations with palaces and mansions and today they have found a way in our homes due to improved transportation facilities. One may opt for marble if they don’t have to keep the budget factor in their mind. You may also want to go for marble looking tile if you are renovating on a budget.

Hope this helps you to find the perfect bathroom renovation, as we know it can get quite tricky at times. Hope this helps you out.