Dress Your Windows Beautifully

Windows are considered as the eyes of the home, ventilation and natural sunlight passageway into the house. Good designing and draping the window makes the home beautiful.

Most of the people prefer their bedrooms to have blackout curtains to block the unwanted lights. For privacy in the bathrooms and a clean kitchen, Venetian blinds are best-suited. Easy to wipe clean and can be tilt adjusted.

13 different types of window dressing are

  • Roll up and Roman blinds –

These simple styles are easy to use and give an elegant finish. Simply roll them up to any height adjusting the light passage. Lighter colors and custom blinds in Toronto are one of the best combinations.

  • Printed panels –

These are well suited for vintage-inspired interiors. Bold floral prints on voile fabric are the main catch.

  • Cafe curtain –

Mostly the kitchen windows prefer these pretty little printed voile fabric half curtains. However these dainty cafe curtains let in a good amount of light, so there will be a little privacy issue for sure.

  • Shutters –

Suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens as blackout shutters, waterproof vinyl shutters & half cafe style shutters.

  • Sheer curtains –

These voile or chiffon fabric curtains are best suited for the rooms you prefer to allow a good amount of light.

  • Tab top curtains –

They’re easy to use as no need for hooks or curtain-rings. Tying up & down is easy. Lightweight and sheer fabric is best suited to this arrangement and is a perfect fit for your large bay windows.

  • Wave headings –

They look just perfect to the eyes as the wavy sleek touches the floor gently.

  • Double pole –

This type of arrangement uses passive rings in the place of bracket rings which makes the curtain move all around your bay window. The standard ungathered heading tape allows you to use a combination of both sheer and a curtain and move them independently.

  • Pelmets –

This traditional curtain finish allows you to hide the curtain poles and the fixings. These flat pelmets totally go with tie-backs and voile curtain coordination.

  • Single curtains –

Single curtains preferably made of lightweight fabric like linen are a perfect drape for a sequence of large windows in your room.

  • Blinds and curtains –

These roman blinds printed beautifully gives a classy look when draped with plain curtains. Custom blinds are easily available in Toronto and Canada. There are many companies famous for manufacturing custom blinds in Toronto area.

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  • Leading edges –

It’s real beauty how a contrasting fabric comes from behind all the way to the front and end with a leading edge. More classy when simple holdbacks hold the simple pencil pleated curtains open.

  • Panels-

Gives the best look when length down to two third. Pretty illustration on the fabric with a patterned lower part in the one-third area. The eyelet heading allows the curtain to stay flat and flash the illustration clearly. The custom blinds in Toronto are good option to use ton windows.