These Simple Steps Could Save You Thousands in Damage

In springtime, melting snow and rain can cause a rise in the groundwater levels resulting from a flooded basement. A sump pump can reduce damage due to a flooded basement. But sump pump maintenance is very important to avoid any mishaps. Plumbing companies Toronto can help with such tasks.

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A few things that can go wrong even with a sump pump are listed below:

  •   Wrong sized sump pump in the basement which makes it unsuitable for a big flood.
  •   Lack of water in sump pump due to inappropriate hooking up of a drainage system.
  •   Backup caused by discharge lines clogging.
  •   Mechanical switch problems due to shifting of the pump.
  •   Loss of power to the pump in the basement.
  •   Blockages due to mud, dirt, and debris at the bottom of the pump.

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If you are experiencing any such problems, contact plumbing companies Toronto. A flooded basement can result in damages which can cost thousands of dollars and a long time to repair. In case of flood, water can get into the main living space which can be a difficult situation for homeowners. Hence, maintenance of sump pump by plumbing companies can save a lot of money.


A few things that homeowners can do before they call a plumbing company is listed below:

  1. Check for cracks and broken parts

Inspection of your sump pump can help create a maintenance plan. If there are no visible cracks or broken parts, this doesn’t mean that the sump pump is in the top condition. It should be put thorough checks by professional from the plumbing companies Toronto.

  1. Check discharge lines and debris

Discharge line should be checked periodically, to avoid flooding and mechanical issues with a sump pump. Clearing away any debris around or inside the discharge opening can help avoid a costly mess. Valves should be checked for any visible issues. Sump pumps connected to a sewer system should be inspected for clogs. This is important as, without periodical inspection, the discharge line may get clogged with mud and not push water into the sewer when needed.

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  1. Testing of sump pump

The sump pump should be tested periodically, especially if it hasn’t been in use for a while. This can be done by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pump pit. If the sump pump turns on immediately and quickly pumps out the water quickly, there is not much to worry about.

  1. Contact Plumbing companies

If there is an issue with your sump pump. Or there is a need for replacement, contact plumbing companies Toronto. This is important for homeowners who live in an area that is prone to flooding. They have professionals who can inspect the pump and help with the replacement process.

If you need a replacement, a battery-operated backup pump may be a good option. They can come in handy during bad weathers and there is a loss of power. A battery-operated sump pump can function even in bad weather.