Unlock the Different Types of Pitches Available for Plastic Coil Bindings

People often think about music or baseball, when it comes pitch. However, pitch is a true essential when it comes to plastic coil bindings. As per the bookish definition, a pitch refers to the number of holes present per inch. According to the design, binding, and visual appeal, one can get hold of a variety of pitch. Hence, consumers must be aware of the types  while choosing a pitch to get the best-fitted projects.plastic coil bindings

Some of the popular types of pitch that are currently in trend are:

  • 4:1 coil

4:1 coil is the most used pitch type when it comes to plastic coil bindings. It is available in two options:

  • 43 hole or .250
  • 44 hole or .248

Both these types use the same coil, cutting down all the hassle. The only difference between these two types is the only visual aesthetic. In case of 44-hole, the holes usually are closer to top & bottom edges of all the pages. This imparts a more fuller & tighter look. However, both of the types used in conjunction with the binding system are flexible, affordable, and durable at once.

  • 2.5:1 coil

This type of pitch coil is composed of thicker plastic filament used with 2:1 wire binding. 2.5:1 is definitely worth a try for those who often use large document for various projects. People who have a 2:1 punching machine can easily opt for these plastic coil bindings. The thicker coils in smaller number of holes make inserting a real duck soup.

  • 3:1 coil

3:1 pitch coil is another distinctive type which is easier to use for books of larger diameter. The main reason for using such coils is larger documents have fewer holes to insert any coil. To make the best use of these, it is always advisable to tag along with a wiring binding machine or proclick.

plastic coil

  • 6mm coil

6mm plastic coil bindings are designed for 4:1 pitch spiral coil binding machine. There is hardly in any difference between 6mm and 4:1 pitch. Many European countries use this type, but available at a bit higher price than the usual. Consumers can get the same type from several e-commerce websites selling the items at a competitive price.

  • 3.2:1 coil

This is another coil mostly used in industrial coil machines. It is available in larger size and made with sturdy plastic offering maximum longevity. 3.2:1 can be merged with 3:1 wire to various purposes.

  • Turbo Coil

Crafted for documents that are larger than 1 inch, turbo plastic coil bindings is an exotic option. Owing to its thickness, it becomes easier for further insertion. The holes in this particular pitch type are oval shaped which allows pages to turn smoothly on any document. Big print shops and large bookbinding stalls usually prefer this pattern.

  • 5:1 coil

Also known 55mm, 5:1 coil is famous outside the United States of Nation. It is morphologically similar to the 4:1 type. However, the slight visual appeal makes the difference. Additionally, it cost a little less than 4:1, but has the same colour options.

So, in accordance to one’s need and requisite, individual must elect a pitch for perfect plastic coil bindings. A plethora of e-stores are available catering to a multitude option at the best price and quality.